On The Snooper’s Charter

guardian ipb

In the final campaign of the year, the York PEN team got out and about on campus to raise awareness about the dangers of the Investigatory Powers Bill. We raised hundreds of student signatures to a petition calling on our local Labour

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Staking a Place for Speech #NuitDebout

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Armed police smiled and looked mildly bored, leaning up against their van at the edge of the square; but then this night was fairly quiet. Included amongst the various tents, stalls and ‘commissions’ set up across the Place de la Republique

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Mozzam Begg at YorkX

begg large

Our incoming Website Director Francesca Butler reports on a fascinating talk by an ex-prisoner of the infamous Guantanamo Bay detention centre. YorkX are a new society with an aim to deliver a platform to high-profile, controversial speakers. Last Wednesday they

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The Investigatory Powers Bill: An Overview


Jonathan Tait takes us through the details and controversial aspects of the Investigatory Powers Bill, also known as the Snoopers Charter. The Snoopers Charter, or the Investigatory Powers Bill, seems increasingly likely to pass through the Commons with relative ease.

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Child refugees; missing MPs

refugee children

York PEN member Jonathan Tait examines last week’s Commons vote on accepting 3000 extra unaccompanied refugee children into the UK. Last week was profoundly turbulent for ongoing human rights debates all over the world. While the editor of Bangladesh’s first LGBT magazine

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Conference Review: “The New Intolerance on Campus”


Co-chair Madeleine Stone offers a great personal account of the recent Spiked magazine conference on the state of campus freedom of expression. Online magazine Spiked has been hitting headlines recently for the latest edition of its Free Speech University Rankings; a

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On the Proposal to Ban Boycotting by Public Bodies

israel boycott

Joey Wilson-Brooke takes a closer look at a new Government proposal which is similar to recent new legislation passed in Canada. The recent proposals by the Government regarding the banning of boycotting by public bodies have caused some debate, to say

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Transacting Human Rights: A York PEN Panel Discussion

hameron bowing

by Madeleine Stone and Stefan Kielbasiewicz For our main event this term York PEN will be hosting a panel debate to examine the role of human rights and freedom of expression in the context of the UK and international trade.

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Transacting Human Rights: Saudi Arabia

cameron saudi

Madeleine Stone takes you through our first York PEN discussion of the term, on the place of human rights in UK-Saudi relations. Our first week’s discussion on this term’s campaign- the relationship between human rights, trade and the United Kingdom’s

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Triggering a Response: Speech on Campus

The dissatisfied boy reading the book

Is it so terrible that in an academic institution, people should have to think about what they are saying? In September 2015, Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt wrote an article for The Atlantic, titled “The Coddling of the American Mind.”

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