York PEN has begun. (Meeting no. 1)

And so it begins…

I’m Seb B-W, the chief moderator of the York PEN blog, alongside Jo, John, Carys and Amy. Our task, I suppose, is to keep a full historical record of York PEN’s progress, track its events, successes, and future plans. But alongside the documentary function of the blog, it is for the members of York PEN to express themselves, to post their own photographs of events, to post their own articles about the problems we are engaged with, to analyse and discuss the work of prison writers, and to post work they have found.Thus, while the facebook group is for discussing campaigns, meetings and progress (and the twitter group allows for an easy-to-follow summary of all three), the blog is for a more fleshed-out, personal response. As moderators, censoring your work would certainly be rather anti-PEN – we’ll just be making sure things are posted and that the blog stays together.Wednesday (16/2/12) saw the first meeting, and a very promising turnout. Juno Fitzpatrick, a 3rd-year undergraduate from the Kings London PEN group, brought with her a variety of ways in which to ‘raise awareness’, but do so with style, and in a way that isn’t a chore. Their performance of Another Sky last March, and letter writing to the sound of the Portico Quartet were huge successes. Such creativity is exactly what we need to promote and maintain.

So, while we’re still finding our feet, here’s to a positive start, and hopefully some positive ends.

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