21st June Photographs: Pushing the big red button…

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Speakers include Kate Hendry, Lynda Radley, Prof. David Wilson, Erwin James, and Gillian Slovo

Photographs taken by Katrina Northern, Lydia Mihailovic and Seb Brixey-Williams

2 thoughts on “21st June Photographs: Pushing the big red button…

  1. I found an orphan in the laundry at the Zululand yacht club where I am building my family Ark. The laundry is the centre of our cosmopolitan community and the place where well-read books go to find new minds to mind them. There I found Gillian Slovo’s book The BetrayaI. I am a child of Apartheid and did things that at the time I would rather forget- and so like an oyster- I encapsulated them instead. I did not create a pearl either. Reading Gillians book I felt something release inside myself. Problem is, right now, Living in the “New” South Africa I know what Gypsies and Jews felt like living in Hitler’s Germany so long ago and I wonder if those doomed sould deserved what was coming to them? If possible Please let Ruth know her words have touched me- especially “The job of a writer is to reveal worlds that people may never have imagined.”
    Kind regards Don Darkes.

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