Charities not allowed to raise money… for charity?

***The information in this article is now out of date. RAG recently updated its rules to allow charity societies to fundraise. The article has been kept for the sake of posterity.***

York PEN is supporting a campaign at the University of York to allow students to raise money for charities of their choice on campus, independent of YUSU’s RAG society. Currently charity societies like York PEN and Amnesty International York are not allowed to fundraise on behalf of English PEN or Amnesty International, owing to their affiliation with the student union.

While we fully support RAG’s work, they only represent a tiny, tiny fraction of the 160,000 charities (Source) in UK, let alone international charities. We would like to promote a more democratic system of donations whereby societies can offer students the maximum choice  in where they choose to donate.

The petition can be found here. For students of The University of York, you MUST include your name, email, course and year – YUSU will disregard signatures from outside the university. This petition has the potential to help thousands – please take the time to share it with as many York students as possible:

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2 thoughts on “Charities not allowed to raise money… for charity?

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