York PEN’s first open meeting – this Friday 19th at 6.30, The Student Centre

Hello and welcome to all the new first years who signed up at the Freshers Fair or online!

York PEN is delighted to announce its first meeting this Friday 19th at 6.30 in the Student Centre – the swish new YUSU building with geometric sky-blue chairs, located near James hall and the YUSU offices.

It’ll be an informal affair where we’ll all be introducing ourselves as well as the society, and hopefully creating some interesting teams within the group. We’ll also be voting on our first campaign of the year and brainstorming ways to focus on it this term, so do try to make it if you can.

If you’d like to recommend a case, please come along with why you think we should pick them for a campaign, a bit about them, and if possible a piece of their work, whether it’s an article or a poem – we are all very open minded and would love to hear suggestions from all members. PEN is not a hierarchical society – all the members have an equal voice, and it’s as much a society for discussion as for working towards a cause.

Don’t forget that while we had some considerable success last year, many of our founding members have now left. York PEN is a newly ratified society and we’re looking for members to be involved at all levels of commitment, so do please come along.

*You don’t have to be paid member to come to this meeting, but will need to buy membership (£4 for the entire year) if you wish to vote*

All other meetings will be on Tuesdays at 6.30 (probably in the same place) so do feel free to come when you can. The first Tuesday meeting is next week, the 23rd when we’ll be letter writing to our chosen campaign and hosting our elections.

This website keeps a thorough record of our activity, but the one to join for day to day news and discussion is the facebook group. You can also follow our twitter, @YorkPEN, which is mostly active during events and at which we encourage you to tweet!

Some snacks will be provided and we’ll head to a bar afterwards for some drinks – see you there,


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