More poetry by Angye Gaona


The road dreams it leads to the sea

Meanwhile it climbs the volcano
Or crosses the great swamp.The road of oceanic shore
Reminds of snow and blindness,
The secret of the lagoon,
The empty speech of the jungle.The memory of the road is nomad:
Remembrances transit in any direction of time,
Make it closer, make it farther.

The road collects deranged aromas
It leaves forgotten tools on the brink of envisioned routes.
It holds farewells that motley
Refract on the side mirror

Returns, occasionaly, the road
Bringing within
Landscape of time prints.

You claim to see it,
To escape putrefaction,
To run with claws ignited
– burning beat –
And vapored head when you turn round
Toward the past.
Have you seen
Its trail of wistful blue escape
And behind it
The troops besiege its fate.
Through the trail of nights moves forward.
Leads the thrones,
Seeks you,
Have you seen it,
Builds a ship on the mountains,
Starts mature in its dreams,
Explosions of symbol,
Are to you clear
And listen,
The cosmos is a code that understands,
The centre of the galaxy in its body,
As such it feels.
Follows you
Like you
Moves toward the sun,
Its golden lip
Brings thirst for fire.

(Translated by Maite)

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