Sochi Winter Olympics: York PEN’s Campaign

A Microcosm of Censorship and Human Rights Violations

York PEN supports the English PEN campaign against Russia’s ‘trio of laws’ which dramatically restrict the freedom of expression within the country, organised to coincide with the launch of the Sochi 2014 winter Olympics.

As previously mentioned, York PEN is campaigning specifically against the gay ‘propaganda’ law, blasphemy law, and re-criminalisation of defamation. All of these laws have being imposed within the last 18 months, coinciding with the return to office of Putin.

Over the coming week, York PEN will publish a variety of texts, from articles to a letter of protest, covering the Sochi Olympics, in the aim to provide more insight into the draconian laws which  extensively curtail freedom of expression and pose a grave danger to publishers, journalists, and writers in Russia.

If you would like to become involved in the campaign against these violations of human rights, visit or email for more information.


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