Read and Review

Literature in Translation

York PEN is launching a new initiative to spread the word about modern texts in translation. A new reviewing scheme invites students to embrace a new translated text, or a text in its original language, and tell us what you think of it.

In line with English PEN’s Writers in Translation programme, York PEN are looking to encourage students to discover thought-provoking and exciting literature from all over the globe. PEN stands for the freedom to write and the freedom to read and works to improve access to world literature through the translation and publication of texts, amongst as many countries as possible.

Translated texts allow us to bridge the gaps between communities and cultures and experience new literary adventures.

We will be publishing weekly reviews of texts in translation from all over the world, spreading the word about world literature and recommending our best reads. If there is a text that you’ve been meaning to get your hands on, or one that you’d like to review, here is your opportunity!

Reviewing texts encourages us to be insightful readers, engaging with texts and really think about the issues they discuss.

PEN Translates! and PEN Promotes! are two programmes established by English PEN to encourage the publication of diverse writing from all over the world in order to expand literary diversity across different communities. If you haven’t got a text in mind and are looking for inspiration then take a look at PEN’s Award Winning Titles here.

For anybody wishing to get involved in reviewing, contact York PEN society via Facebook or email for more details.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the upcoming reviews as they appear on our website.
Let’s get York talking. 


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