Poetry: Freedom of Expression

by Lara Nassar


Wrapped around my neck,

Choking me,

Keeping me “in check…”




I am still breathing,

So you emphasise by repeating,



I do not break.

“Confess, for your own sake!”

You say.




But I remain

Strong as your words mundane.


And sanely, I try to remember,

To visualise that game of chess

When the pawns toppled the king.

Yes, the pawns toppled the king.


But chess has never impressed you

Because violence is your game.

Torturing Truth

Oppressing Opinion

Putting people to shame.


Dignity is what I possess.

And knowing that I will never confess,

You pester me, trying to suppress

My every move, the posters, the press…

You cover them up. You’ve ripped my dress.

You’ve taken my freedom to express.

Do my words depress you?


Allow me to stress:

We will regain the rights you transgress.

“How,” you ask? We’re “powerless?”

This poem explains it, more or less…


You insist we resist.

Now let me guess,

You will disregard every issue we address,

Guard your gardens,

We dig you digress.


We will keep fighting, nevertheless.

Because otherwise, how will society progress?


Now next time you order me to “confess,”

This is my freedom, my right to express!


Lara Nassar is a third-year Management student at the University of York.


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