#SOSEurope: Refugee Rights

The University of York’s branch of Amnesty International is holding its first event of term on February 10th, #SOSEurope: Refugee Rights. The event will have some excellent guest speakers; Weaam Youssef, an MA in Applied Human Rights, who has worked as a migration policy coordinator in the Arab League, and Paul Wordsworth, the co-ordinator of York City of Sanctuary which provides support and guidance for refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers who seek sanctuary and security in the city. 


The event is part of the Amnesty International’s ‘SOS Europe’ campaign, one that calls for the human rights of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants to be protected both at the borders and within Europe, especially those from areas like Syria and North Africa. People on the move often have their rights violated, usually out of the public eye. They are effectively made invisible. This campaign aims to shine a light on the abuses of human rights that are ongoing in Europe and to help these people claim their rights.

As well as speakers, the event will exhibit short documentaries and videos around the subject, and there will be a chance for Q&A and informal discussion at the end (with free tea, coffee and biscuits!). It should be a fascinating event, with the chance to hear from those directly affected by Europe’s failures to defend the rights of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers.

Further Information:

The Facebook event can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1610844065811304/

For more information on the SOS Europe campaign: http://www.sos-europe-amnesty.eu

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