‘Death and the Maiden’ performance in York

‘Death and the Maiden’ is a title that just keeps cropping up wherever. Avid readers will remember that we posted a read and review only two weeks ago of it. And if that review got you wondering, questioning and intrigued to see more, then Fortune herself is on your side.

For this week only, the University of York Drama Society will be putting on ‘Death and the Maiden’ for your viewing pleasure. See this play come alive and explore the complex work that it is.

“Paulina Salas is a former political prisoner in an unnamed country who had been raped by her captors, led by a sadistic doctor whose face she never saw. Years later, after the epressive regime has fallen, Paulina lives in an isolated country house with her husband, Gerardo Escobar. One night, a stranger named Dr. Miranda drives to the house of Gerado and Paulina following a flat tyre. Paulina recognizes Miranda’s voice and mannerism as that of her rapist, and takes him captive in order to put him on trial and extract a confession from him. Unconvinced of his guilt, Gerardo acts as Roberto Miranda’s lawyer and attempts to save his life.

Throughout the play it is uncertain whether details are evidence of Roberto’s guilt or Paulina’s paranoia.”

Dates: 13/02/15 – 15/02/15

Time: 7:30 pm

Place: Drama Barn,

Tickets: Purchase from the YUSU website, £3.50 – £5.00

For more details, visit the Drama Soc website.

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