Ayotzinapa: London Mexico Solidarity on Mexico and Student Rights

York PEN are delighted to welcome a London-Mexico Solidarity (and English PEN) member, who wishes to remain anonymous. They are coming to York in conjunction with our campaign this term, Mexico: One Year On to deliver an interactive talk.

yorkpenayotzinapa final

They will be speaking about the Ayotzinapa Massacre and the “disappearance” of forty-three students in Mexico, which took place last year on September 26, 2014. They will also be exploring the larger humanitarian crisis in Mexico, the role of journalism, the way in which literature and art can positively engage in issues about human rights, as well as the UK’s relationship to Mexico and how we can bring about change.

This is a totally free event and a great opportunity to learn about human rights in Mexico, happening on campus, 6:45-7:45pm on Monday 9th November. The venue will be the Bowland Auditorium in the Berrick Saul building next to Central Hall. There will also be a free wine reception afterwards where you can talk to us and get involved in our society and campaign; or just chill in good company! Hope to see you there.

PS: Check out our Facebook event page for further info and updates! 

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