Call for Writers!

York PEN are relaunching our website for the 2015-16 academic year! We are looking for article submissions and regular writers on the subject of freedom of expression. As ever, this topic has frequently been in the news recently. Between Germaine Greer, student protests in South Africa and London, the lashing of Raef Badawi and the new Government Investigatory Powers Bill, there’s always plenty to write about.

We are looking for both reports and comment, so whether you want to help us create a valuable and impartial human rights news resource or if you are looking to get your voice out there discussing an issue that matters to you, please do feel free to get in touch. Last year, York PEN were named in the top 5 alternative student media outlets by the Huffington Post. This year we are hoping to go even further: we want to become a news source focused on freedom of speech issues around the world, going beyond the focus of our termly campaign to create a repository of information for anyone who wants to understand more about the current global situation regarding freedom of expression. To do that, we need more reporters, contributors and editors: this is a fantastic opportunity to get published writing experience and to contribute to a great organisation!

If you’re interested, you can check out our Facebook and Twitter, or email me (Ethan, co-Web Director) at

PS: whether or not you want to write for us, all are very welcome to attend our regular meetings on Tuesdays at 6:45pm in D/L/049 (between the English department office and Hendrix Hall in Derwent.) It’s a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and we’re always happy to see new faces!


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