Transacting Human Rights: A York PEN Panel Discussion

by Madeleine Stone and Stefan Kielbasiewicz

For our main event this term York PEN will be hosting a panel debate to examine the role of human rights and freedom of expression in the context of the UK and international trade.

Our campaign thus far has focused on the human rights issues involved in UK’s economic relationships with Saudi Arabia, China and Turkey. In the panel we’ll be asking questions such as: is Britain obligated to address human rights in its trade dealings? How can human rights and freedom of expression provide an advantage to trade? Should economic trade come before Human Rights? Why is it even our problem?

Our speakers will be Dominique Muller from the Centre of Applied Human Rights, Tony Heron from the Politics Department at the University of York, and Rachel Melly from the Campaign Against the Arms Trade in London.

We will be assembling this fine panel in the swanky Bowland Auditorium (BS/005, the Berrick Saul building) at 18:45 next Thursday, the 25th, so please feel free to come along!

As always, there will be FREE WINE after the event! Bring your friends, your housemates, and even your lovers. We look forward to seeing you all there!

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