Eritrea’s Forgotten Journalists Event

Eritrea has the most censored press in the world, yet is a relatively underreported country. The private press was banned in 2001 and since then, many journalists have faced huge danger, even those working for the state press. It is unknown how many have been abducted or imprisoned without trial. York PEN Chair Jonathan Tait and York PEN member Miranda Whitmarsh conducted an interview with Eyob Ghilazghy from Eritrea PEN, discussing censorship and life under Eritrean law.


On Wednesday 8 February, English PEN, in partnership with Frontline Club, will be holding a panel on Eritrea’s Forgotten Journalists featuring Eyob Ghilazghy. The panel will be chaired by SOAS Research Associate and Senior Teaching Fellow Dr Idil Osman, and will also constist of Eritean activist Vanessa Berhe, and human rights barrister Antonia Benfield, who was involved in a key legal case examining Eritrea. This event poses the question: has Eritrea become Africa’s North Korea? It will be an excellent opportunity to hear more about a nation that is often overlooked in the global fight for free speech, from Eritrean nationals themselves.

Wednesday 8 February, 7pm, £12.50

The Frontline Club, 13 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QJ

Tickets can be purchased here:

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