York Translates!

York PEN Translates! is a new initiative for 2012. We’d like to encourage people to translate works of fiction or non-fiction that interest or speak to them, either from English into their own language, or to English from another.

Translations don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t need experience. We’re looking to create a way for people to get engaged with the process of translation without a snobbish or critical reception – an open space where translations can be published, if only to get a feeling for or a literal paraphrasing of the text. It’s simply about using the linguistic skills you possess that other people don’t have. A paid translator costs in the region of £80 per 1,000 words, meaning that translation is costly, and that sadly only a tiny fraction of foreign writing comes is translated into or from English.

We encourage all multilingual members of PEN to get involved with this project if you can spare the time. If you’d like to have something published on this site and discussed in our meetings, please email us at yorkpen@yusu.org with the original and translation.

However, York Translates! is open to everyone – whether a part of York PEN or not – so whoever you are, email us and let us know what you’re working on.

Do you speak Arabic? Perhaps you could help us in translating the website of Syrian poet Tal Al-Mallouhi?: http://talmallohi.blogspot.co.uk

Email us to find out more at yorkpen@yusu.org


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