‘Facing the Sea, with Spring Blossoms’ by Hai Zi

From tomorrow onwards, become a blissful man
Feed horses, chop firewood, traverse the world
From tomorrow onwards, care for grain and vegetables
I have a house, facing the sea, with spring blossoms.
From tomorrow onwards, write letters to each of my loved ones
Tell them about my happiness;
What that spark of bliss told me
I shall recount to every single one of them
Give every winding river and every mountain an endearing name
Stranger, I too wish you happiness
I wish for you a glittering path ahead
I wish for you to meet your lover, make a home
I wish for you to receive happiness in this world
I only wish to face the sea, with spring blossoms.
Hai Zi
(Zha Haisheng, 1964-1989)
Hai Zi
Translated from Simplified Chinese by Yuen Sin
Original text can be located here: http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/141808630.html